Shotgun Shopping

     How to Materialize Anything You Want  

        Through the Metaphor of Shopping






Welcome to all of you who have the desire to get:

  1. *Exactly What You Want - and not shop

  2. *The secrets of manifesting made simple

  3. *A recipe that works every single time w/o shopping

  4. *The right relationship, job, deal

  5. *More for your money!

                                (Your bankbook will thank you!)

This book is the reflection of a lifetime of acquiring

life’s big and little necessities - and shopping without

ever going “shopping”.

You will learn that this is the most powerful

set of techniques ever shared in a way that

is easy to understand and follow AND get

results every single time.

This book has the most esoteric and powerful principles

about manifesting written in such a way that

every single person can manifest their hearts’ desire.

With humor and dozens of jaw-dropping examples, Sheevaun Moran’s “Shotgun Shopping” will demonstrate how to train your mind to not accept anything other than EXACTLY what you want, at the price you desire.

Whether you :

       * hate to shop,

       *   shop to live,

       *    don’t like to spend time shopping,

       *       want to materialize a great pair of shoes for 85% off,   

or just get worlds most unique and powerful tools to materialize anything you want, Shotgun Shopping will show you how to hit the bullseye every time.

Because the world is filled with Manolos, scuba gear, trips to Bali, a sassy designer dress, malls and stores filled with beautiful shiny things you’ve just got to have, we need a guide to help us navigate the maze of things to buy and have. We need this guide to help us through the times when we don’t have the big budget and still get what we want.


This book is full of stories about how I acquired:

A $30,000 baby grand piano for $1400

$600 pair of shoes for $69

A full house of furniture for amazing prices


The necessities of life!

How would you like to Materialize - without going shopping ...

all the things you’ve been drooling for

at one tenth of the price

in 20 minutes’ time?


Once you have learned to materialize anything you want through Shotgun Shopping you can move on to the Master Skill of magnetizing, manifesting, materializing love, prosperity, abundance, and radiant health.

People who have used the principles of Shotgun Shopping find amazing side effects such as:

       ~ How have more time!

       ~ Increase your ability to laser-focus and achieve your end result

       ~  Get what you want without shopping or begging 

       ~  HAVE - Practice the universal right to Have.

       ~ Materialize with your mind - mind-power to materialize your desires.

       ~  High productivity at work and play! Wow

       ~  Discard old baggage and have amazing results in your life - now.

       ~ Discover how to collapse “time” and materialize swiftly.

       ~  Find out why the Shopping Gods need “space” (from you!) to

           bring you what you want.

“I learned so much about myself. And I learned that my body told me more than I ever gave it credit for. We have everything we need to manifest anything we want right inside ourselves.”

                           Leila, who manifested an antique motorcycle and the exact new

                           apartment she wanted.

                                   (ps: She’d been dreaming of that motorcycle for years.)


Using the parable of shopping, this book gives far more than techniques to manifest a great pair of shoes.  Shotgun Shopping’s hidden teachings will show you how to tap into the unused power of your mind to live a life with far more ease, grace, and fun than you ever imagined. You will access your higher self and manifest what you want effortlessly!

Have a fabulous non-shopping day!


PS: One reader found 2 pairs of shoes in 13 minutes, door to door. Can you beat that? Send us your shopping adventures!

Sheevaun O’Connor Moran

From the woman who was late for the Dalai Llama because she was distracted by a pair of shoes and

learned her Shotgun Shopping lesson...

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